Patrol Days

On Sunday I spent 14 hours straight on patrol. The first half of the day was for toboggan training, and the later half was my mandatory night duty. By the end of the night I was thoroughly exhausted, but it was the best I have felt in a LONG time. They day starts off with a full mountain sweep. Each patroller gets assigned a trail and its accompanying signs to put up or take down. After a thorough sweep, the mountain opens up and it all begins. This particular weekend was Martin Luther King Weekend which is notoriously the busiest weekend for the resort. When its busy for the resort, it’s busy for Patrol! The weather went from sunny bluebird to cloudy to snowing to raining to being sunny all within 2 hours. We had several injuries in which I got to put my new training to good use. I also learned that just when you think you know a lot…there is always something else! At 4pm, there is a changing of the guard and the night duty patrollers roll in. The early shift does a mid-day sweep, then takes off and the night duty takes over. Sunday night is a pretty awesome crew with lots of seasoned patrollers. Since I am not toboggan certified yet I still have to ski with a veteran…which is only ever beneficial! I’ve learned so many tricks to the trade and some really sweet tips. I cant wait to test out on the toboggan and patrol by myself and really be put to the test and taught how to think on my feet.

-22 with wind chill, 35mph wind gusts…all in a days work…At least this Thursday it was! A typical night on patrol involves multiple hand warmers and the occasional face mask. Some of the tough guys will grin and bear it but I am not so brave. The past week has been full of brutally low temperatures…PERFECT for some fresh snow…but not as perfect for those out working. Learning how to work in such extremes is amazing. It really teaches you that you can always push yourself harder.

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