A bookless library

BLASPHEMY!! Cruising through the news like I usually do in the morning I came across an article about a city that is trying to start the first ever book-LESS library. This makes me so angry I could throw my computer. A library with a bunch of computers is not a library…its an internet cafe! What is a world without books? Thanks to books and handwritten documents we know about our past and ancestors. Thanks to books we can learn, thanks to books I’ll always have a safe place to go when this world is too much. I think technology is incredible and awesome…but to replace something as old and beloved as books is total blasphemy to me. I have so many fond memories of trips to the library and spending hours diving into  my favorite books. I still to this day have some of them in my personal library. I think this world is relying too heavily on technology without realizing the downside to some of it. Yes in my previous post I was for it…but I don’t think it should replace anything. Book stores are already taking huge hits…the thought of them disappearing entirely is sickening. I know this is a very dramatic post, but books are something I am very passionate about and I just don’t ever want to live in a world where there are no books. Technology…to use it WITH other resources is great, but don’t take away my books!!




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