Technology in the Medical Field

I had read recently that many physicians choose not to use the world wide web to their advantage while working because they did not want people to assume they were texting or on social media sites. The benefits that technology brings to medicine has proved itself to be infinitely useful, so why not introduce the iPhone- or things that are similar as well? (tablets,androids..etc) I personally would have no problem if my Doctor pulled out an iPhone or similar product to look something up, I’d prefer that to them having to go spend 20 min thumbing through a book to find the same thing. The one concern I would have is the source of the information. It would be obviously imperative to have a legitimate source. I searched some Apps on my iPhone and found some that seemed like they may be incredibly beneficial to a medical student. An article written on the same subject shows how useful the Apps can be…whats your opinion?


I checked out the App MedCalc ($1.99 on iTunes) and it is loaded with information. At first I was confused how to use it but it is easy to pick up. Highly recommended

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