“Goat Milk for Grownups”

Whats good for you and what isn’t changes like the weather. However in reading the December issue of Alternative Medicine, I came across the article “goat milk for grownups.” As a cow milk drinker myself I found it particularly interesting. In the article they talk about how goat milk is better suited for humans and that it is very under rated and should be thought of as “the purest most healthful and complete food known”

In my head I was thinking, “Please, do digress..” and what I learned was that the protein in goat milk is easier to digest and absorb because the size of the molecules resembles human milk & the mineral content is high in K,Ca,Mg, & Se. It is also rich in immune boosting components such as munoglobulins, cytokines & lactoferrin. The milk cream  is rich in medium and short chained fatty acids which are incredibly beneficial and crucial for brain development, alertness, energy, and immune function.

I’m thinking about giving goat milk a try. I have tried other milks such as soy & almond but have either disliked the taste, or felt that I was gaining nothing from the product.  Apart from all those benefits, in the cream from grass fed goats lies an abundance in in conjugated linoleic acid which is and has been used to war against cancer, obesity, atherosclerosis and the swine flu as well as improving athletic performance.

I’m also thinking that testing for the said effects of goat milk on an adult who has drank cow milk most of his or her life might make for an interesting research project.


All of the information I have gathered came from the article in Alternative Medicine the December edition. You can find the article on page 56 or by clicking this web link. Enjoy!



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