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ACE Inhibitor as Indulgence Pill

ACE Inhibitor as Indulgence Pill “The documentary “Supersize Me,” in which filmmaker Morgan Spurlock fattened up on fast food for a month, might have had a very different ending if he had been taking the ACE inhibitor captopril (Capoten), a mouse study suggested.Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta fed a high-fat diet with plenty of … Continue reading



“Cuz’ I can’t stop the war,
shelter homeless, feed the poor.
can’t walk on water; I can’t save your sons and daughters.
I can’t change the world and make things fair…
the least that I can do…is Care.”
-Kid Rock

Quote of the day- I think that this quote can be so closely related to medical personal because whether you can help someone or not, the least anyone can do is care. Sometimes, I think caring might even be more important than the actual treatment.

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Osteopathic Medicine / Shadowing Experience / UNE Biddeford

August 29th D.O Shadow Experience

On August 29th I had the pleasure of shadowing Dr. Kisiel of Berkshire Medical Center. I came into contact with Dr. Kisiel after shooting e-mails into the dark at different physicians from BMC. Dr. Kisiel was kind enough to answer back AND offer me the opportunity to shadow (to which I was beyond grateful!). We had been emailing back and … Continue reading